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Time to cheer a couple country stars on as they enter challenging territory on a new CBS extreme survival reality show. The show is called Beyond the Edge and it will pit our country music stars versus many pro-athletes and other entertainment stars as they push their bodies to survive and thrive in the jungles of Panama in front of America.

The show is produced by the same team that produces Naked & Afraid and CBS says contestants will be up against “torrential downpours, scorching heat and deadly wildlife while living in the exotic Panama jungle.”

“BEYOND THE EDGE is the most extreme celebrity format ever attempted,” Executive Producer Greg Goldman said in a statement. “The day before we started principal photography, all of the producers looked at each other with the sinking feeling that this celebrity cast might see where they were living for up to two weeks – the harsh jungles of Panama – and just bolt. To the contrary, we were amazed by how these icons pushed themselves to their breaking points, showing incredible mental fortitude and physical tenacity. And all for an incredible cause: to raise money for charities that are near and dear to their hearts.”

The celebrities will be playing for a selected charity dear to them.

Now… let’s meet Lauren and Craig’s competition. Here’s everyone who will be on the show:

'Beyond the Edge' Contestants

Beyond The Edge premieres on March 16. Viewers can watch on the CBS Television Network, or stream on Paramount+.