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With Super Bowl just days away, and no team to back (for most of us), all we have are our memories… and plenty of them!

So, what to talk about with  your family and friends on game day Sunday?

Here’s a good go-to conversation starter amongst New England Patriots fans. But beware! Things may get heated!

This was a topic brought up last week between some friends, and I started the convo by saying I missed watching the beauty of the dance between Tom Brady and Randy Moss.  I googled the topic and found out who exactly were Brady’s favorite Patriots targets, according to the numbers.

There’s plenty to talk about considering #12 completed 6,337 passes in a Pats uniform. Who was your favorite? Edelman? Gronk? Branch?

Here’s what the numbers say, according to NBC Sports

For more on the story, just click HERE. 

Sharing some target moments…

Tom Brady's Favorite Patriots Targets- According To The Numbers

  • Brady To Moss

  • Brady To Edelman

  • Brady To Welker

  • Brady To Brank

  • TB shared some memories recently


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