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Do YOU play Wordle every day? I do. Today I actually had a mini bug-out session that I wasn’t going to get the word (I haven’t missed one in my 30 games so far, thank you). If you’ve felt the same feeling lately you’re not alone. Wordle Nation has been tweeting up a storm since the New York Times purchased the game because “Wordle has gotten too hard.”

Do you agree? Or do you think this is a society used to participation trophies buckling when the pressure is turned up slightly. Let us know your thoughts in the comments and check out some tweets from actual disgruntled players below:

Did New York Times Make Wordle 'Too Hard?': The Tweets

  • "I ain't playing no more."

  • "More stress"

  • "Ruined"

  • "I used to feel clever"

  • "I play for FUN"

  • "Not even fun anymore"

  • "Difficult for my small brain"

  • "Hard mode" switched ON

  • "Since they bought the game I haven't known peace"

  • "Wordle is everyman's word game"

  • Cruel punishment