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Pro Wrestling isn’t everybody’s bag, I get that. I actually appreciate that. To me it’s been this sort of secret society. Once I’m around another pro wrestling fan I know that we have this thing in common that makes us a little different than the mainstream.

But there are some characters that break through and are deemed “cool” by the mainstream. Take “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson for example or “Stone Cold” Steve Austin or Hulk Hogan. They all have this larger than life persona that connects on a larger level. Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) was another one of those personas. We sadly lost him yesterday far too young at the age of 63.

I remember as a kid seeing the vignettes teasing the eventual arrival of Razor Ramon. He was just cool. The long slicked hair with the Superman curl out front, the permanent I-don’t-give-a-damn scruff, the interesting speech pattern and tone of voice, the toothpick he wore behind his ear until he whipped it out to fling at an adversary in a sign of blatant disrespect. I loved his presentation – the peanut butter and jelly looking purple and gold tights and vest – he was one of my favorites from the get.

He was a part of so many iconic feuds and moments in wrestling. I remember going to see him live versus Diesel at the Memorial Auditorium in Burlington, VT – the Intercontinental title on the line. It was a big deal. He had one of the most memorable ladder matches of all time versus Shawn Michaels. And no wrestling fan can forget when he crossed the lines and showed up in WCW on Monday Nitro, it was mind-blowing at the time and changed wrestling forever.

Scott Hall/Razor Ramon brings back so many memories… which are connected to so many moments of my life. When I think of his big wrestling moments they immediately bring me back to certain eras of my younger life. His career moments are a lot like memorable songs are to others. He also was an escape for me and many others. No matter what was going on in your life that was less-than-great, when you turned wrestling on and The Bad Guy was on your TV it all went away for a little while.

If you were a wrestling fan while he was performing you no-doubt at some point pretended you were Razor Ramon and/or Scott Hall. He was The Bad Guy but he was so dang good at doing it. RIP Razor Ramon/Scott Hall. Thanks for so much entertainment.

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