Meet the world’s oldest living dog, who is named after a country legend! The Guinness Book Of World Records confirmed that a chihuahua named Toby Keith is in fact the oldest living dog at 21 years 66 days on 16 March 2022. Toby Keith enjoys short walks around the neighborhood and snacking on turkey slices.

In Greenacres, Florida, Toby Keith was born in 2001 and was adopted from a shelter when he was a puppy. His original name was Peanut Butter, but the owner, Gisela Shore, changed his name to Toby Keith.

Toby Keith is an older brother to two dogs Luna, and LaLa, as well as two parrots: Coco, and Coqui. Toby has a very special friendship with Coco, and walks around with the bird often perched on him. Toby loves to go on walks and hang out with his owner while she works.

According to The Guinness Book Of World Records, Giselle has fostered over 150 dogs/puppies. She believes that the key her dog’s long life is good genetics, a healthy diet, lots of exercise, and no sugary treats!

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