Taylor Swift wears many crowns, but did you know she now has an insect named after her? She has conquered country, and conquered pop, now she is conquering the insect world. Taylor has inspired many people throughout her career but this has to be a new one. A new species of millipede was discovered by entomologist Derek Hennen, and look what his love for her made him do. He named this new millipede species Nannaria Swiftae or Swift twisted-claw millipede.


According to CNN  Hennen stated, “Her music has gotten me through tough times, and it’s kind of a nice little thank you I can give for the joy her music has brought me.” The name was inspired by Taylor’s famously long and beautiful legs related to the millipede’s genetics and crazy legs. According to NPR, Derek’s favorite songs by Taylor Swift are “New Romantics,” and “Betty.”

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