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Kenny Chesney’s “Here And Now Stadium Tour” kicks off this weekend (4/23) in Tampa, Florida, and the bright red trucks are rolling towards opening day.

The trucks carry sound equipment, lighting rigs, and all the construction pieces needed to erect a stage big enough to hold a show designed for America’s football stadiums.

And the steel is already being loaded; the framing for the 220-foot wide stage that ascends almost three stories into the air is being built. Hundreds of tons are being bolted tight, fit together, and raised by heavy industrial equipment.

With supply issues very much a factor this season, Team Chesney is sharing resources – specifically steel – with several other major tours out on the road this summer. By understanding what it takes to put up a massive stadium-sized stage, Chesney’s working with several other tours in place to share metal.

Kenny explains, “We are all citizens of music. Having been away from the fans for so long, the more we can do to bring music to the people who love it, who breathe it, who find release and love and joy in it, the better the world’s going to be. I know how much better I felt just playing in a space with the band; I can’t imagine how great it’s going to feel once we get into that first song, all singing together.”

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