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Now that Kenny Chesney is in Tampa, Florida, getting ready for his tour kick-off show on Saturday night (4/23), his charitable organization No Shoes Reefs, which focuses on creating artificial reefs in places where degradation undermined healthy reefs, is teaming with Tampa Bay Watch on Earth Day on Friday (4/22) for five days of Earth Week activities.

Kenny said in a press release, “Talk about a way to merge my worlds. We have been doing various projects around the country. But when Tampa Bay Watch had a week of actual activities designed to not just walk people through the process but teach them how to not only make Reef Balls but allow people to deploy the Reef Balls filled with seagrass on Earth Day, it was the best kind of synergy possible.”

Chesney adds, “When you can work with local groups, they understand their needs, their issues – and by supporting them, we can help them take care of their oceanfront in ways that make sense. But being able to be part of something so all-encompassing in Tampa as we’re starting to get back to bringing No Shoes Nation together is the perfect thing to kick off a tour.”

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