These past few years have been tough for us all, and when Eric Cochrane’s son broke his guitar, he couldn’t afford to fix it. This broke his heart, for his son’s guitar gave him so much joy. His son had a health problem that week. He took it to his friend John’s guitar shop to see if he could fix it for him. When Eric tried to offer him a little bit of money in exchange for the repairs, John Galvin refused to take any money from his friend and fixed it for free. Eric decided that if his friend was not going to accept money, he would go down to the local convenient store and buy some lottery tickets. If he were to win anything, they would split the winnings.

And so he did! Eric won one million dollars off of his “$10,000,000 Winter Riches” instant ticket. The ticket was purchased at Howe Street Superette in Methuen on April 15th. Eric and John are splitting the winnings, and I think both of them would agree, that a little bit of kindness can go a long way. (Like a really long way, a million dollars to be exact).

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