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We ain’t perfect – but isn’t that the “New England charm?”
A new study has pinned Boston Celtics fans as the most vulgar and disruptive fanbase in all of the NBA. The study also sites Celtics fans as the “trashiest.” Ouch.
The study looked at physical aggression, profanities used, throwing objects, and (*ew*) spitting.

The Top 3 Worst Behaved Fans in the NBA were found to be:
3) The Brooklyn Nets
2) The Chicago Bulls
1) The Boston Celtics

Hey, at least WE’RE #1! WE’RE #1!! Now let’s wash our mouths out with soap and stop spitting indoors.
BTW the study was done by sports betting experts Onlinecasino.ca, check out the full study report RIGHT HERE. And that superfan in the photo above? He bleeds green. Follow him HERE!