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The Pope Comes to Boston

The Taxidermy “Mouse Pope” has arrived in the studio!! Back in February we had an “Elite 8” of the “Cutest Taxidermied Animals” and this one happened to win. So, we purchased the Pope and now he lives in a small mouse house in our studio.

Cutest Taxidermy Animals

  • Mouse in a Bubble Bath

    Taxidermy Mouse / Rat / Rodent in the Bath Made to Order | Etsy

    Taxidermy Mouse / Rat / Rodent in the bath - handmade to order. Your order will be made using the same materials, however due to the handmade nature, natural variations will occur. There will be bubbles and a duck!

  • Stripper Mouse

    Stripper Mouse Lola | Etsy

    Taxidermy Stripper Mouse on her pole. Part of the 'Squeakers' collection. Made to order.

  • Arsenic Mouse

    Taxidermy Mouse With ARSENIC Poison and Teacup Oddities | Etsy

    Mouse is pouring an unhealthy amount of arsenic into someones tea... Taxidermy mouse with handmade arsenic bottle and tea cup, bottle may vary slightly in colour. Stands at approximately 5 inches high. Made to order. All my animals are either pets that have passed away, animals my cat has brought

  • Cowboy Mouse

    Taxidermy Squirrel Cowboy Country Music Singer | Etsy

    Taxidermy Squirrel Cowboy Country Music Singer Bandit All my exes live in Texas... Howdy partner! You will receive one taxidermy pine squirrel wearing a black cowboy hat and red bandana. This is available standing on its own or in a glass dome with black or brown wood base.

  • Pope Mouse

    Taxidermy Mouse Pope Francis | Etsy

    This tiny likeness of Pope Francis, is ready to lead the people and inspire the masses. Complete in his traditional robes and hat. Each taxidermy piece is stuffed with love and and dressed in handmade tiny clothing.

  • BeetleJuice Mouse

    Shadowbox Taxidermy Mouse Beetlejuice Tim Burton | Etsy

    Made to order. Taxidermy artwork inspired by Beetlejuice - character from the film of the same title by Tim Burton. Set in the matt black deep frame. All parts are hand made including clothes, accessories and box frame.

  • Star Wars Mice

    Han and Leia Taxidermy Mice | Etsy

    In a galaxy far far away, these two are out fighting for the greater good. She loves him,and he knows. These are a must for any Star Wars fan. But dont get sad folks, all the mice used came frozen from a distributor that breeds mice for reptile food.