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Here’s something not to miss, as we approach Memorial Day.

This beautifully powerful display of American flags returns to Boston Common this week, representing those Massachusetts service members who have paid the ultimate price for our country. See 37,000 Memorial Day flags to honor our Massachusetts fallen heroes. Each flag represents a local hero who has given their life in service since the Revolutionary War.

The flag garden will be on display this year from May 26 through May 30.

Check out the view from this photo taken last year.

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These flags have been on display leading up to Memorial Day for 12 years now.

The Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund has done a fantastic job organizing the plantings all these years. Hopefully, you will have the opportunity to see this display, in all it’s glory.


More Than 37,000 Flags Planted On Boston Common To Honor Fallen MA Military

(Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

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