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Dierks Bentley had quite the trophy waiting for his son Knox when he returned home from school recently: the NHL’s Stanley Cup.

Dierks posted images of his kids around the famous cup and a video of his son Knox coming into the house and seeing the trophy on the kitchen table. Knox exclaims, “Oh my gosh!”

Bentley then asks his kids what they would like to eat out of the Stanley Cup and the kids all agree, “Ice cream.” Dierks himself says, “I think I’d like to put a big burrito in there.”

Asked who is the best hockey player in the family, Dierks’ girls agreed it was Knox, not dad. Knox then kisses the coveted trophy.

Bentley does not share how the trophy came into his possession.

The long-time hockey fan captioned the post,” Yesterday Knox came home from school thinking it was just another day… the surprise was a success! Not every day the Stanley Cup is in your house @nhl.”

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