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Maren Morris had a bit of a scare this week when winds knocked down a large tree in her backyard in Nashville.

Maren took to her Insta stories to share a series of images of a tree falling on her son Hayes’ backyard playground set. She wrote over the first image, “Living in Tennessee can be wild, ya’ll. No one was hurt, THANK GOD, but the wind knocked down a very old, seemingly healthy tree and crashed into Hayes’ swing set and all our power lines.”

She continued to the following picture, “Thank your tree people if they are helping you because this was a task today. I’ve been in emotional tears for 24 hours, just thanking God that my son wasn’t swinging when it fell. We loved this little swing set that came with the house when we bought it before Hayes was born. We repainted it, put new swings on it, and made it our own. Excited to build a new one.”

Morris also posted a photo of a tree guy cutting the long branches in another tree. She captioned it, “My hero.”

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