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The folks at The Underground Donut Tour company take their donuts very seriously – they do donut walking tours in cities across the country. It’s brilliant really – burn calories walking the city while nomming all sorts of local tasty calories via the areas most decadent donuts. They do one right here in Boston – CLICK HERE if you’re interested in checking one out.

The Underground Donut Tour company just put out it’s Top 25 Donut Shops in the country… and….. low and behold the list features two Massachusetts donut shops!

Congratulations are in order to our friends at Kane Donuts in Saugus and Union Square Donuts in Somerville who both made the list.

The overall winner was Ride ‘n Roll Bakery in Indiana.

By the way – the Underground Donut Tour says the best BOSTON Cream Pie Donut is found at Sweetwater’s Donut Mill in Kalamazoo, MICHIGAN so take all of this with a grain of salt…