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Carrie Underwood put on some big gloves when she and a friend and her son Isaiah yesterday (6/6) caught what looked like an armadillo in their yard near Nashville that was wounded.

Carrie posted a video on her Insta stories capturing the moment. You can see her reaching out her arms to a bush and saying to the yet-to-be-seen creature, “I need you to get on the carrier, okay, get in the carrier, get in the carrier.”

Then you hear Carrie’s young son Isaiah say, “He has no idea what a carrier is, mom,” she wrote over the video, “Thanks, Isaiah,” and says, “No, he doesn’t; where is his face? Underwood then jumps back after trying to grab him, and Isaiah says, “He doesn’t like that, mommy.”

Carrie responds to a friend holding the camera phone, “No, they are not fast, just…” The friend then says, “You got this, go for it.” Underwood tries again to put the animal in the cage, getting frustrated and saying, “He’s so strong,” and then asking, “Is he stuck.”

Carrie then writes over the video “Got Him” as she gets him in the cage and says, “Oh, got him.”

In the next Insta frame, she has a photo of him in the cage, and she writes, “He’s got some injuries, now what?”

She doesn’t explain where they found the animal or if they hit it with their car or not.

Just this morning (6/7), Carrie posted another image of the Armadillo to her Insta stories and wrote, “Sadly, Pickle the armadillo did not make it through the night, he will be missed.”

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