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“Don’t you just love a bargain?” Christmas Tree Shops has been a New England institution since 1970 but soon “Christmas Tree Shops” will be no more.

The chain was sold in 2020 and the new company, Handil Holdings LLC out of Sudbury, plans some big changes. First off they plan to open 15 new locations over the next year and secondly they’re changing the name?? Noooooooooooo!!

I don’t know about you but I love that newbies expect Christmas Tree Shops only to stock Christmas stuff. “Why such massive stores for Christmas decorations in July?” Does it make sense? Not really, but we love it. Turns out people in other parts of the country where new stores are opening don’t so much like the learning curve.

So what’s the new name?

Goodbye Christmas Tree Shops, hello “CTS.” At least it’s a nod to it’s former self. But I’ll still call it Christmas Tree Shops for the rest of my life.

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