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Kelly Clarkson had American violist Lindsey Stirling on her show recently. She took the opportunity to end the long debate between her and Blake Shelton about the difference between a violin and a fiddle.

Kelly said to Lindsey, “I have a question, and I just need to know this answer. So Shelton and I on The Voice have often argued the difference between a fiddle and a violin. So what do you think the difference between a fiddle and a violin is?”

Stirling answered, “It’s the way it’s played.” Clarkson said, “Totally. So we’re gonna edit this out to where…” Lindsey offers, “I was gonna say I have a feeling that Blake would know that…”

Kelly says, “Here’s the thing. I feel like they always use different strings. Don’t fiddle players use like steel strings; I thought I was gonna be right on this, so I asked…”

Lindsey says, “That’s a great question. I get asked that all the time, but sometimes I’ll play fiddle music… Kelly then sighs, saying, “It’s how you play it. So you’re saying he was right.

Stirling says, “I’m sorry, Kelly.” Clarkson says, “We’re gonna edit this out. I’m just kidding; we’re gonna keep it in.”

Kelly captioned the video on Instagram, “It’s painful to say, but @blakeshelton was right @lindseystirling #violin #fiddle #thevoice.”

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