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Luke Combs’ wife Nicole took questions from fans again on her Insta stories, and she talked a bit about the pregnancy and the fact that she is due to give birth soon.

When asked if she was still pregnant (she was due in the spring of 2022), she replied, “It’s still spring, LOL, and yes, I am still pregnant.” She noted that she is ready for the baby to come, but not before Luke comes back from his tour out West.

Another fan asked if she was nervous, anxious, and excited, to which she replied, “All of the above. I think the not knowing when it’s gonna happen is the most nerve-wracking thing for me. But lawd, I am ready.”

One fan then asked if she was planning on taking the baby on the road with Luke, and she replied, “Maybe. It’s all about what’s best and safe for the baby.”

Luke And Nicole