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New scientific research suggests the 2022 NBA finals may not have been competed on a level playing field. The culprit that made the finals unfair? Jet lag.

Scientists at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia say jet lag put the Boston Celtics at a distinct disadvantage during home games during the 2022 NBA Finals versus the Golden State Warriors. The researchers make the case that the effect of jet lag on athletes’ performances is “significant.” The studies concluded that Eastward travel necessitates increased recovery time to allow athletes to perform at their peak performance levels. The studies also show that this Eastward travel causes jet lag that is clearly associated with impaired performances among the home (but not away) teams.

Bottom line – the Celtics were screwed?? Yeah! The Celtics were screwed…. and science proves it! Thanks Australia!

Wanna see the full study to try to make sense of it? Good luck, here you go: BOOM!

And hey, after those Finals – wanna watch more scary stuff??

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