Jackson Blue

Weekdays 2pm-7pm

Thank you for being a friend. Did you just sing that in your head? If you did, get psyched (but not too psyched yet) because there is a fully-immersive dining experience that will make you happier than Blanche at an all-male review.

Decades after it went off the air for good the country still has Golden Girl Fever. And a completely themed and fully functional pop-up bar and restaurant called Golden Girls Kitchen is starting up. The reason why I said not to get too psyched yet is because it’s starting on the west coast in L.A. but if all goes well it should be making the trek across the country to NYC and hopefully Boston.

Advance reservations will get you reserved seats at a set time and choice of entree and dessert. Options will include Sophia’s Lasagna, Blanche’s Georgia Style Cookies and The Dorothy: A Miami Style Sandwich. As for drinks, perhaps you’ll choose the Tea Arthur or the Rose on Rosé.

If you just can’t wait to see if we get our shot to dine at Golden Girls Kitchen in Boston, maybe you want to take a little vacay to the west coast and visit it in Beverly Hills. If so, get yourself on the wait list now RIGHT HERE!

But if you’d rather kick it local, how about road-tripping around New England for some really iconic hot dogs while singing 80’s TV theme songs? Here are the best of the best:

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