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Maren Morris chatted with the Today Show hosts just before she performed on the show earlier this week.

The show’s Hoda Kotb asked her about trying out for many talent shows, including American Idol, and not getting very far. “[It was] One of many shows I tried out for and didn’t get… I think you have to have a healthy dose of self-delusion to stay in this business, and I think part of it is confidence, part of it is delusion, but if you know that if you know that you have something… I feel like [you should]  keep going, and in the long run, it honestly pays off a lot better.”

She added with a smile, “Now people audition with my songs on those shows, so it kind of feels like justice, in a way. Those shows are great, and I’ve had friends on them, but I feel like things worked out okay for me.”

Morris also talked about her 2-year-old son Hayes who joins mom on the road. She offered, “He’s a toddler, he’s talking a lot more now, and we’re about to start potty training, which is fun. He has a little crib bunk, and he’s a road dog already.”

Maren also posted about meeting one special fan while performing in New York. Both she and the Today Show posted on Instagram, “@savannahguthrie introduced @marenmorris to Lily, an amazing young fan from New York, who sang along with all of the hitmaker’s songs from her spot in the front row. #MarenMorrisTODAY #CitiConcertSeries.”

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