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Residents in the Australian town of Mildura thought they were living their own ‘Stranger Things’ life when the sky lit up in a mysterious, very pink glow on Tuesday night.

Of course the first thought? Aliens. Here they come! Word spread quick. Panic began to set in. Then came the surprising answer: the glow was caused not by aliens, rather due to marijuana.

Pharmaceutical company Cann Group confirmed that the lights were coming from its medicinal cannabis facility. They apparently forgot the pull their blackout blinds and their hydroponic grow lights were reflecting on the low-hanging clouds which had moved into the area. Kind of ironic since thinking that you’re seeing aliens in the sky is sometimes a side effect of what was actually causing the alien sightings this time…

While we’re getting all paranormal, have you seen the mysterious “Pringles Spider??”

6 Great Pictures of "The Pringles Spider"

Pringles is trying to change the name of an actual species of spider because the markings on it’s back resemble the Pringles mascot, Mr. P. Is the resemblance striking enough to change the name? You be the judge: