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Growing up, I always heard the mantra…”cash is king.”  That has been drilled into my head. It certainly is the most stable. You can’t lose it, unless of course you physically lose it. You won’t be charged a fee for using it, and often you can reap discount benefits for using it, not to mention, it just feels good to have something tangible.

Cash in hand

I always use cash when paying for gas for my car. Many gas stations around me have lower prices for gas, so I’ve been carrying at least $50 in my wallet for many years. I’ve gotten discounts for paying for small home improvement projects using cash. Furthermore, I always, always leave tips for bartenders, servers, nail technicians and hairstylists in cash. I know they prefer that and it makes me happy to reward them for good service with green.

If you’ve ever had your credit card comprised, like I have (on mulitple occasions), it just makes you feel safer using cash. And if you shop Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace, it’s always recommended you pay and get paid in cash to avoid any issues.

Fun fact: Cash is making a comeback with Gen Zers

Stashing cash in Hennessey bottles is a thing

While you are deciding what you should pay for with cash, check out these country songs about money!




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