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He may be a mild manored radio news guy by day, but at night he can really crack a whip. This you have to see. A popular Boston radio news anchor appeared on AGT (America’s Got Talent) this week to whip it good on Simon Cowell.

NPR news anchor at WBUR, Jack Lepiarz, is like a modern day Clark Kent, buttoned up and all business for his day job of delivering the facts. But at night he dones his super hero attire, which is somewhere between the renaissance and a matador and cracks whips are record breaking speeds.

According to, the 34 year old grew up in the circus, traveling with his dad who was a clown, and relayed to NBC Boston,  “My dad was a performer in the Big Apple circus when I was born.” They traveled all over. In fact, you may have seen them at King Richards Faire!

The Emerson College grad showed off his whip tricks and mad skills on national TV Tuesday night on NBC. At first, judge Simon Cowell wasn’t impressed and hit the buzzer. But his fellow judges Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum convinced him to go on stage with Jack for a trick. No sense in me explaining what happened from there. You have to see this Boston radio news anchor whip it good on AGT’s Simon Cowell for yourself!

Meet…Jack the Whipper!

This news story is obviously far lighter than what Lepiarz is used to telling. And it’s got a happy ending, Jack the Whipper turned Cowell’s frown upside down and went on to pass the first round of auditons.

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