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I’m Days Away From My Due Date!

Ayla Brown here and I’m counting down the days to my due date! (August 2nd). I can’t believe how quickly time has passed. It feels like it was yesterday that I surprised Jonathan and Jim on air with my “cookie bake-off” pregnancy announcement! I have been thinking a lot about my pregnancy and what’s about to happen, and I thought about “The Birth Plan.”

What Is A Birth Plan?

Every pregnancy book talks about having a birth plan ready for the hospital. So, what is it? A birth plan is a written plan that “…communicates your wishes and goals for before, during and after labor and delivery.”

I’ve been told that a Birth Plan can change, depending on what’s going on with you and the baby at the hospital, but it’s still good to have one. I’m going to share a basic template that may help other mothers. But I will also share some answers to mine. (Beware, my answers may alarm you!)

Birth Plan Template