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Country music star Billy Ray Cyrus is grieving the loss of his mother, Ruth Ann Casto, who was the definition of love, according to Cyrus.

On Friday (Aug. 12), the “Achy Breaky Heart” singer posted on social media to announce that his mother had gone to heaven. According to him, she was the embodiment of affection.

In addition to referencing his mother’s memory, Cyrus included a photograph with his post to commemorate her. Casto is pictured holding up a purple T-shirt imprinted with an image of the Peanuts character Snoopy, who is pictured smiling.

Fans and fellow country stars like Dierks Bentley, Elle King, and Lindsay Ell expressed their sympathy and provided thoughtful words of support to the Cyrus family after the country star’s death.

In addition to Cyrus’ daughter, Noah Cyrus, commenting below her father’s post agreeing with his words.

Taylor Swift agrees that she was one of the most talented artists in the world.

Noah honoured her grandmother by posting a slideshow of old pictures with Casto on her personal Instagram account.

In addition to including a photo of Casto, who she refers to as ‘Mamaw,’ playing the keyboard, Noah posted a video of her playing the keyboard.

In the post’s caption, Noah describes her grandmother, Ruthie, as ‘making her way home and into heaven.’ ‘I’m not certain how to describe how I feel,’ she says. ‘I was fortunate to be with her for her last month of life and for that I was honoured. We talked a lot, we laughed a lot, but sometimes we just sat in silence together, soaking up each other’s presence.’

My favorite Bob Seger song, ‘Against the Wind,’ was playing as we sang. Now I realize that she was no longer fighting against the wind but instead was part of it. She is the wind, the sun, and the stars, the stream that runs through the bottom of the hill, the birds and deer, and every sunset I witness from here on out. She is everything that is good and beautiful. You are forever a part of me, Mamaw, and I love you dearly. It is an honour to be your granddaughter, and I inherit so many of your traits, from your fiery temperament to your feet and eyebrows.”

In addition to expressing her love for her grandmother, Noah expressed her hope that many people would love her as well, finishing with the words, “I don’t know how to finish this because I cannot say goodbye yet. I will never do so. I love you, Mamaw, forever and ever after that.”

On August 1, 1952, Casto married Ronald Ray Cyrus, a prominent politician. Casto was born on May 14, 1937, to parents William Clayton Casto and Mary Guila Boggs. The couple is said to have separated after 15 years of marriage in 1966.