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Blake Shelton and his wife Gwen Stefani both posted a video clip of Blake’s giant head on top of a trimmed and built male dancer, dancing to Shelton’s latest single, “No Body,” on their separate Insta stories.   

Blake posted the video to Twitter, “I call this the #ShufflinShelton. You’re welcome. #NoBody.” 

In the first two verses of “No Body,” he sings, “Dixie cup martinis / Second one’s a freebie / Happy Friday afternoon / That neon sun’s rising / I’m sitting here admiring / The summer dress it’s shining through.” 

The song’s catchy chorus includes the lyrics, “Don’t wanna scoot the boots with nobody / Get straight tequila drunk on nobody / Wrap these arms around nobody / No body, but yours / Don’t wanna shadows dance with nobody / Slide some cotton off of nobody / Don’t wanna wake up kissing nobody / No body, but yours.”

Shelton has been encouraging fans to learn the line dance to the song. He posted professional dancers dancing recently on his Instagram. He posted at the time, “Alright, y’all, I called in some backup to teach y’all the #NoBody line dance. That’s right.. free line dancing lessons, so no excuses!!!! Watch the full tutorial on YouTube, and let’s see what you got!!! Link in story. #ShufflinShelton #linedancing #countrymusic.” 

One fan reacted, “Lemme try and learn this real quick.” Another fan said, “I want to see @gwenstefani and @blakeshelton do this dance.”

One more fan commented, “We want to see @blakeshelton teach us. For TikTok, I wanna see Blake Shelton dancing that way.”

One stumped fan replied, “They lost me at the first step.”

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