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Blake Shelton is in full throwback mode in his new video for “No Body,” with the video going back to the 1990s and Blake donning a mullet once again, just like he did when he first came to Nashville in the 1990s.

As Shelton told People, he now recalls why he dumped the mullet, “(Wearing the mullet) felt completely natural to me, especially making the video in this particular bar. The air conditioning wasn’t on. It was hot in there. Hair was sticking to my neck and the side of my face. And I remember thinking, ‘Oh yeah, this is why I ended up cutting my mullet off.’ Not because it wasn’t cool anymore or trendy, just because it was physically irritating.”

Blake added, “I guess I don’t care about trends because when I had the mullet, it wasn’t cool. And now that mullets are cool, I don’t have one. So I guess I don’t follow. I should. I’m not against them. I’m just always a little bit late.”

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