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Released June 9, 2006.

It looks like Life is still a Highway for Lightning McQueen and Mater.

Beginning on September 8, Disney+ will stream Cars on the Road, an all-new animated series set in Radiator Springs and beyond. In celebration of Disney+ Day, nine full episodes will be available streaming on September 8, and Disney and Pixar’s Cars posted a full trailer revealing a sneak peek at all of the new adventures!

Regardless of what they encounter while exploring Route 66, Mater and McQueen seem like they’ll have some funny road trip memories. There are many new faces and bumps (or at least they seem to be new), and though they may not all be friendly, they will certainly provide a fun ride. The Cars universe will expand to include ghost trucks, acrobatic cars, and other fresh genres. The series will feature some truly unique episodes, including one inspired by the film Mad Max that sees Mater and McQueen encountering flaming tire fiends, Cartaceous Gardens, and zombies, among other things. There are bumps on the road, and Mater says that’s what makes life worth living!