Girl Scouts selling their cookies in New York.

If you wait year after year for Girl Scout Cookie season like we do, then you have something new to be excited about.

The Girl Scouts have announced that they will be rolling out a new cookie flavor in 2023, and if you are a fan of the beloved Thin Mint, then you’ll be over-the-moon.

They are calling it the ‘Raspberry Rally’ cookie, and it will be similar to the Thin Mint in the way of its chocolate covering. However, with this cookie, the mint will go away, and it will be replaced with a raspberry filling.

The Girl Scouts will make the Raspberry Rally available for online ordering and purchase only in early 2023.

Also available for the upcoming cookie season: Do-si-dos, Lemonades, Toffee-tastics, Toast-yays, Girl Scout S’mores, Caramel Chocolate Chip, Shortbreads, Samoas, Adventurefuls, Thin Mints, Lemon-Ups, and Tagalongs!