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We need a video moment like this to watch every Monday! Over the weekend, newly aquired New England Patriots linebacker, Mac Wilson Sr. shared a very special, incredibly personal moment. And it happened on a most public place; the field at Gillette stadium! His son, Deuce. took his very first steps! You can watch Deuce “walk to Dada” on the field, and get all the feels!

Sure, it was a great night on the field for Mack, professionally. Wilson had a strong showing in the preseason game against the Carolina Panthers. Wilson had 5 tackles and a deflected pass in the Pats’ 20-10 win over Carolina on Friday night. But it was the play on the field after the game that a game changer in his personal life. ICYMI, watch the video now, or rewatch, again and again, as Mack Wilson’s Son walks for the first time at Gillette Stadium!

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