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Keith Urban likes to run through his crowd each night and let fans get a closer look at him. Sometimes, he can make a back row seat a front row view.

There is a level of danger, though, being in such a large crowd and not just the fact that COVID is still lingering. He told us, “When you’re out engaging people, you are taking all kinds of risks, not just because of this climate that we’re in, but because of all kinds of things, but I love being out in the crowd.”

Urban adds that he’s glad he’s able to do it once again saying, “It was really hard in the early days of the show to not be going out to the audience, so I was anxious to get to the summer sheds where I feel like we could set up a tiny little stage for just me to run out and do at least a couple of songs.”

He moves pretty quickly through the crowd, but sometimes things get a bit hairy getting so close to his loyal and excited following. He laughs, “Yeah, some people grab a little tighter than others. Who knows, whether intentional or accidental, you know someone will grab a guitar strap, and that thing will pull your neck back in a second. I’m very grateful that my wife knows what I do for a living because many times, I’ve come home with literally huge scratch marks across my chest. Any other guy might have something to answer to, but I’ve got video footage to show what happened.”

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