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Kim Kardashian has the internet in a tizzy over her latest viral creation: the swim gloves. BUT… I’m here to tell you they were stolen from a Muppet!

Kim K’s swim gloves are currently available in a variety of hues and sizes at Skims for $48 a pair. Not gonna lie – I actually like the look (not that I’m the sultan of style or anything) and they have caught on in popularity enough that fashion experts call it a trend to keep your eyes on. But that doesn’t negate the elephant I just led into the room: Miss Piggy wore them first!

And now the visual proof. Feast your eyes on Exhibit A – Kim Kardashian’s “swim gloves:”

Now please compare that with Exhibit B – Miss Piggy’s iconic (not swim, just) gloves:

Plagiarism!! Copyright-infringement!! Copy cat!!! Whichever applies. I just hope Piggy is getting a cut because she’s got expensive taste and those Kim K swim gloves are selling out quick so PAY THE PIG!!!

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