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The video for Luke Bryan’s latest single, “Country On,” pays tribute to the everyday hero.

The video takes viewers through the process of farming, showing farmers baling hay and roping cattle. Down the road in downtown Nashville, Bryan introduces the bartenders at his bar, Luke’s 32 Bridge, who serve drinks to tourists, including a group of bachelors.

Police and other emergency personnel are also featured in the video.

Standing in front of the American flag, firefighters, EMTs, and members of the military all stand as Bryan sings, “We sure could use a lot more like you, boys and girls in blue/ Whenever anything goes wrong, you run to us, country on.”

At the end of the video, the superstar stands on Broadway, and first responders gather around to shake his hand before collectively looking up at the fireworks decorating the city skyline.

“It was wonderful to highlight all these terrific people to make such an exceptional message,” Bryan explained on social media. “I hope you enjoy it.”

His forthcoming album’s ‘Country On’ is the current top 15 song on country radio.