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.Maren Morris is not afraid to speak her mind, and she’s a bit more outspoken than most of her peers. She discusses this in a recent interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Maren told the publication, “I certainly don’t take for granted my ability to do this at all on a successful level, but honestly, I don’t see the point of doing this at all if you can’t go play a show and feel like everyone in the crowd is safe and can have fun and not worry about seeing a Confederate flag in the parking lot or someone being homophobic.”

She added, “You are making a safer environment for your crowd, your children, and the next generation of people that come into this business.”

Morris recognizes that her stances “definitely cost me quote unquote fans” But she says that speaking up “outweighs the risk.” “Keeping your mouth shut just to count your dollars at the cost of real people’s lives… I don’t see the point of that if you’ve got a finite amount of time here.”

Still, she knows she is one of the lucky ones, “As a woman in this genre that still has songs getting played on the radio, I am extremely privileged to get let into this club because they only allow a few of you and everyone [else] gets locked out.”

Maren aims to make good use of her time in the spotlight. “While I’m here, I can only focus on my actual, independent change, not so much me trying to change an entire industry. I look at what I speak up about, the songs I write, the people I hire, and the people I bring out on tour… Those are all really impactful to me and in my orbit. I have all the hope in the world those ripple effects from my actions will make a better environment for others. But I can’t pretend that all of these giants of the industry are going to exchange their comfort for just a little bit more equality.”

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