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Maren Morris is a proud mom of toddler Hayes, who was born in March of 2020, just as the pandemic got underway. Now, Maren is back on the road touring, realizing that her son may follow her and her husband Ryan Hurd’s musician footsteps.

Maren told ET, “The other day, my nanny sent me a video of him like sobbing, and he was like, ‘Bus, bus, bus,’ and he thought he was getting on the bus. I was like, ‘Oh gosh, he’s a road baby already.'”

She added that she and her husband aren’t sure they want Hayes to follow in their footsteps, “Oh, boy. My husband Ryan and I joke we’re like, ‘I hope he’s an accountant, that he doesn’t end up in the music industry, but he probably will.”

Morris says that one day, the little guy can work for her. “Maybe he can be in the band someday. Maybe he’ll be my drummer or something, and I won’t have to pay him as much.”

As for keeping her family together, with two separate touring schedules, she tells ET, “Because I’m headlining this tour, I really got to create the days I wanted to be out, especially with Hayes; we’re doing like Thursday, Friday, Saturday shows and then home during the week. I feel like that’s been a good flow, not just for Hayes, but, like, me and Ryan as, like, people, just needing to see each other.”

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