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You may be thinking, did I read that correctly? Hot dog flavored popsicles? Is this real? And Why? Questions, we all have questions. The answer is yes! The company famous for their hot dogs is freezing their assets. Kind of. Oscar Mayer is going cold. They have started selling hot dog flavored popsicles. The food company has made a living out of hot dogs for the past 150 years, and hope this new product will be as hot.

Oscar Mayer has partnered with Popbar, which is a company known for their innovative frozen products like hot chocolate on a stick, and the waffle bar. The two companies say the Cold Dog has the signature hot dog smokiness and will be topped with what looks like a swirl of mustard! Call me crazy but smokey flavors of a hot dog in a frozen sweet treat seems, well, kind of crazy. Obviously they realize it’s a stretch, which is likely why part of their marketing campaign touts, “stupid or genius?”

According to Today,these Cold Dogs are available for “the low, low price of $2 at select Popbar locations.” Which may translate to test markets. And those locations are currently in Long Beach, California, New York City, New Orleans, Louisiana and Atlanta, Georgia. How did this idea ever come to fruition? The company says the idea was sparked from their “Stupid or Genius” social media campaign. It’s such an unusual combo of tastes that it has sparked a bit of a debate online. And of course, everyone has an opinion. Let’s check out some of them!


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