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Paramount TV’s 1883 was a big hit for the network, telling the story of the Dutton family when they moved from Tennesse to Montana in 1883. While the show, starring Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, only had one season, it will be continued with a new cast in the coming year, following the Dutton family in 1923.

We counted down what we feel are the Top 5 Characters from the post-civil war cowboy drama that acts as a pre=quel to Yellowstone.

5. Elsa’s two love interests, Ennis and Sam, played by Eric Nelsen and Martin Sensmeier – Both of these characters, although they have small parts, play such a significant and emotional role in the series. They are both quite loveable; you can see why Elsa loves them.

4. Captain Shea Brennan, played by Sam Elliott – The Captain, as other characters in 1883 call him, is inspiring as a leading role; given what the character went through just before the trek, it’s hard not to feel for him.

3. Elsa Dutton, played by Isabel May – Elsa is the show’s main character and has such a strong spirit and is ahead of her time (1883); you fall in love with her from the very first frame.

2. Margaret Dutton, played by Faith Hill – Faith’s character Margaret is a strong woman and easy to relate to, but Hill’s amazing portrayal of her really steals the show. Although she previously had just a couple of acting credits, Faith plays her flawlessly.

1. James Dutton, played by Tim McGraw – Margaret Dutton, Hill’s character, was going to top this list until the very last episode when Tim’s portrayal of James Dutton brings you to tears and nearly to your knees. Playing a solid character that everyone can always rely on, McGraw’s performance is worthy of an acting award for sure.

GALLERY: Tim McGraw, Faith Hill At The '1883' Las Vegas Premiere