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The reviews are coming in for the new “Fletch” reboot – and the reviews are good! The dialogue is described as witty, quick, smart, and full of the Fletch-expected-one-upmanship. Jon Hamm stars as the rebooted Fletch in “Confess, Fletch,” in theaters September 16th and available via Showtime streaming beginning next month.

What’s even more exciting for us New Englanders is that some of the film was shot here – in Boston, Worcester, and in Cohasset. You might recognize shots of the South End, Back Bay, the Financial District, and South Station in Boston, The Mercantile Center in Worcester, and Oaks Estate in Cohasset among others.

The reviews say that Jon Hamm lives up to the performances set forth by Chevy Chase back in the day so this one may be one to catch – first for the good movie and a couple laughs and second, for the local flare.

And while we’re flexing our Massachusetts pride:

14 Awesome Things Invented in Massachusetts

Time to flex a little Massachusetts pride. A lot of great things came from Massachusetts besides our super-attractive Mass accent (Hollywood can’t get enough of it!). Here’s a list of 14 Awesome Things Invented in Massachusetts!