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Kane Brown and Jason Aldean have been good friends for a couple of years, but Kane’s new album Different Man’s title track is a duet with Blake Shelton. It originally was supposed to be a duet with Jason.

Brown noted in a recent interview, “I’ve been dying to have a song with Jason, but I will say, one of the songs I sent him that he didn’t get back to me on, another huge country artist jumped on it.” He said before it was revealed that Blake Shelton sings on the title song “Different Man,” “I haven’t mentioned this, but another country artist is on my album and I’m so stoked to have him on.”

In August, Kane announced the track listing for Different Man and revealed that duet with Shelton. He posted to Instagram at the time, “Track listing for the album coming out 9/9 tag a friend.”

Blake responded to the post, “Can’t wait for this, buddy!”

Brown said that his new album’s title Different Man holds true to his life today. He offered, “I’m a different person now; I’ve grown into my music, the way I wanna be. I’ve grown into who I wanna be on stage. For all these years, people saw someone who was trying to find himself.”

The duet “Thank God” with his wife Katelyn is already proving to be a hit on country radio and a big deal for the country superstar. He said, “To me, it’ll probably be the biggest thing on the album, just because my fans have been waiting on it forever.”

He added, “When I met her, she was an artist. Hopefully, one day we’ll have an album together.”

The song is quite a hit on the wedding circuit as Katelyn has been posting videos on her Insta stories of it being sung at weddings.

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