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Kelsea Ballerini changed a few lyrics in her concert over the weekend in New York City to reflect her recent divorce filing from her husband of five years, Morgan Evans.

When she performed “What I Have,” she changed the lyrics “I got a warm body in bed” to “I got my own body in bed.” The chorus of “What I Have” includes the lyrics, “‘Cause I got a roof over my head / I got a warm body in bed / I’m doing alright right where I’m at / With what I have.”

In addition, during her performance of “Get Over Yourself,” she sang, “I’m the crazy bitch that wrecked your life,” instead of, “I’m the crazy ex that wrecked your life.” She also changed the lyrics in her song “Miss Me More.”

She also sang the song “Doin’ My Best,” a tune that references her marital problems with Evans. But it also appears to address her falling out with former friend Halsey. She sang, “I was friends with a pop star / I put ’em on track four but / Wish I could take it back, I would’ve never asked / If I knew we wouldn’t talk anymore.”

Halsey collaborated with Ballerini on “The Other Girl,” the fourth track on her third album, Kelsea. When asked about the line, Ballerini told Consequence that there are a few songs on Subject to Change that she’s “a little nervous for people to hear.” She said, “I’m a human, and life is messy, and there’s some things that I wanted to take ownership for. It’s a little embarrassing and a little cringy, but that’s my human experience.”

The title of the track in question, “Doin’ My Best,” holds extra significance for Ballerini. She told the publication that she chooses a word each year to set the tone for the 365 days to follow. Kelsea says that she found herself journaling his past New Year’s Eve, only to throw out everything she wrote. She said, “It was seven pages of bulls—. It was a rant about everything about me not being enough.” Instead of choosing just one word this year, she landed on a phrase — “I’m just doing my best.”

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