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Back in February 2021 an article from Deadline stated that Disney and Marvel were working on a ‘Black Panther’ spinoff series based on the Kingdom of Wakanda. This caught the attention of WWE wrestling superstar Kofi Kingston. Kofi was born in Ghana but at a young age his family moved to the United States, settling in Massachusetts. Kofi graduated from Winchester High School and went on to Boston College.

In an interview with TMZ, Kingston made his plea to be included in the ‘Black Panther’ series when it moves forward. “I already fit the mold. I was born in the Mother Land, you know what I’m saying? Put your boy on the show!”

The word is getting around, articles (like this one) are popping up on the internet, the snowball is growing. Will Kofi be cast? There is no word yet – but – keep your fingers crossed!

By the way, Disney and Marvel Studios haven’t even formally announced the project yet so there’s time for that snowball to grow HUGE. #Kofimania2022

Did you know Kofi was from Massachusetts? How about these 14 things?:

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