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Country music star Scotty McCreery certainly hasn’t hidden his unconditional and unconvential (being from North Carolina) love of the New England Patriots. In fact, he has fully embaraced it. McCreery has no problem showing the love publicly, on social media and on his person. Now, the American Idol winner has passed on his passion for the Pats to his 1 week old baby boy, Avery. The two sported their Patriots attire and watched their first game together, yesterday. The New England Patriots played in NJ vs The Jets yesterday afternoon, and the McCreery boys were ready to root for their favorite team, as Scotty shared on social media.

Look at the smile on Avery’s face! He’s only one week old and has already experienced the joy of watching football. Obviously, Avery McCreery was just the good luck charm we needed, as the Patriots proved victorious against the Jets 22-17.  Here’s to hoping for more victories and more adorable pics of Avery and his family. We are here for all the pics of the littlest biggest Patriots fan!

If you’re wondering how Scotty became a Pats fan, it’s basically been inherited from his dad, who was born in New England. Scotty has performed the National Anthem for the team, and they even sent him a custom baby jersey after the singer announced he and his wife Gabi were expecting their first. Merrick Avery McCreery was born last Monday, October 24, 2022 and weighed 7 pounds and 13 ounces.


8 Celebrities Who Are New England Patriots Fans

  • 1. Scotty McCreery

    Scotty has long professed his love for our Pats! What’s a guy from North Carolina doing supporting a New England NFL team? It’s in his blood. His father is from the Kittery area of Maine, and instilled the love of New England sports into his son. We are so happy to see Scotty is passing his passion onto his family. From his dog to his unborn son.

    He fed his dog, Moose, on a healthy diet of Patriots football from just a young pup.

    Baby McCreery -to-be is getting a little extra help becoming a fan from the Kraft family.

    Baby’s first jersey!!!

    Posted by Scotty McCreery on Thursday, June 30, 2022
  • 2. Ben Affleck

    Well, you knew this name was coming. We all know Jennifer Lopez’s new hubby grew up in Cambridge. We’ve seen him at many a Red Sox game. But, of course the Academy Award winning actor is also a Patriots fan. He has tried to pass on his love to his children, but as Ben Affleck told Jimmy Kimmel back in 2019, his son isn’t having it, because, “he’s from LA.” Fast forward this video to about 3:34 and see what Ben did to his son’s room. Side note: As you would expect, Ben’s good friend, and Good Will Hunting co-star/co-writer, and former Cambridge resident, Matt Damon is also a big Patriots fan.

  • 3. Elizabeth Banks

    The comedic actress and host of Press Your Luck also lives in a house divided. Banks grew up in Pittsfield, MA. She is one of 4 siblings, and her dad worked for GE, her mom worked in a bank, all of whom are Patriots fans.


  • 4. Chris Evans

    Captain America loves the Patriots. Chris Evans was born in Boston and grew up in Sudbury, MA. He is also from a big family of Patriots fans, one of 4 siblings of a denist dad and Concord Youth Theater artistic director mom! He even showed up in the Patriots locker room back in 2017.

  • Jon Bon Jovi

    You expect rocker Steven Tyler to be a Pats fan. He started his band in Boston. But Jon Bon Jovi is a Jersey boy, through and through. Over the years, his friendship with Patriots owner Robert Kraft has given him a sweet seat at games. He even gave the Pats permission to use a Bon Jovi song during games. You occasionnally hear “This is Our House” at Gillette Stadium. But as he shows in the Instagram post, he has been a fan for much longer.



  • 6. Mindy Kaling

    Like Ben, Mindy Kaling grew up in Cambridge. The Office actress also earned her degree at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. So, yeah…New England through and through. She has tried to instill her love of the Patriots to her daughter, but apparently it’s not working.

  • 7. John Krasinski

    Another actor from The Office has showed his love of his hometown team for many years. John Krasinski, another wicked smaht Pats fan, grew up in Newton, MA and went to Brown University in Providence. He posted this in 2017 ahead of the Super Bowl game.

  • Mark Wahlberg

    Growing up in Boston, Mark Walhlberg and his family have been big Boston sports fans forevah! His love of the Patriots is evident. He has been friends with the Krafts for quite some time.

  • Other Notable Names

    Here are a few more names you will likely recognize who have publicly shown The New England Patriots their love and support over the years: Leah Michele, Donnie Wahlberg (of course), Aly Raisman, Elton John, Paul Pierce, Maria Menounos, John Cena and Conan O’Brien.

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