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Morgan Myles, a former Bostonian, performed Massachusetts native Lori McKenna’s song on The Voice last night and brought the house down!  McKenna co-wrote “Always Remember You This Way with Lady Gaga, Natalie Hemby, and Hillary Lindsey for the soundtrack to the movie A Star Is Born. 

One of the most passionate performers in The Voice history, Myles made every note, every pause, feel like it was more important than the one before. She elevated each moment of her performance until she exhauseted all emotions and finished softly,slowly, weary, wiping away tears. Seriously, if this woman doesn’t win, I may just break my TV. Following her performance, Morgan’s coach, pop star Camila Cabello said, ‘”you have grown so much. I really think you could be the next country/pop/soul whatever superstar. When you were up there just now there was just something so magical about it.”



The Voice Season Premiere 4-Chair-Turner Contestant Morgan Myles Has A Boston Connection


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