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Before he flew with his family to Australia, Keith Urban donated $250,000 to four Nashville charities. The money reaches organizations that locally fight food insecurity, aid women recovering from life-altering trauma, provide healthcare resources to musicians, and research breast cancer treatment.

Keith said in a press release, “I have a deep-seated respect and feeling of gratitude for the work that all of these organizations do to make people’s lives more manageable, their commitment to community, what they do for Nashville, and for others across the country, is not only inspiring, but it shows how much we can accomplish when working together.”

Urban’s ‘donations were:

  • $100,000 to Music Health Alliance, a non-profit helping music industry professionals with mental, medical, dental, and vision health needs;
  • $50,000 to Thistle Farms, a Nashville-based group aiding women recovering from prostitution, sex trafficking, and addiction;
  • $50,000 to Nashville Food Project, which fights hunger;
  • $50,000 to Vanderbilt Breast Cancer Research, a medical group on the front lines of care for the deadly disease.

Urban has a few tour dates in Australia and then will go home for the holidays. Keith told us about his 2022 Christmas plans at home. “My mom will come down and my brother probably from the state north of where we wrap the tour. Then they’ll come down for Christmas and Nic’s mom and her sister and all her extended family. So it’ll be very much a family Christmas.”

Urban also talked about how he spent Christmas as a kid in Australia, “I have great memories of getting up early and going and jumping on my parents’ bed and getting them up. You know, and then, of course, you tear open the presents, and then it’s done, and it’s like eight in the morning, and you’ve got all morning now to sort of wish you had more presents to open. We had great Christmases growing up. I really, really enjoyed them. Mostly, we’d go to the beach, you know, ’cause there it’s summertime. Load up the station wagon and head off to the beach.”

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