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20 years ago, college student Alex Wolf adopted Gino from an animal shelter in Colorado. The 16 pound chimo (chihuaua, eskimo mix) was born in September of 2000, and adopted in 2002. Fast forward 22 years, and Gino the Chimo is officially the World’s oldest pup. The little guy has become quite the big deal.

Currently living his best life in sunny Los Angeles, Gino has found himself a taste of celebrity, in the land of celebrities. He has been declared the oldest living K9 in the world, according to Guinness World Records. Owner Alex credits Gino for his stamina. And he told TODAY that the little guy is a “strong dog.” He added that Gino’s excellent diet of “human-grade food” and routine veterinary care are a big reason he’s still alive and kickin’. But he did give his beloved pooch most of the credit for his longevity, saying it comes from within.

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