Wicked Holiday Guide

(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

With the first measurable snowfall of the season in the books, we have to ask: Will Massachusetts have a White Christmas this year?


I’m hoping the answer is yes. Not just because it adds to the spirit to have snow on Christmas, but because I love snow. Yesterday afternoon, I stood in my backyard with my neighbor as those first flakes flurried about. We were watching a family of deer frolicking in the woods as my kids looked on from inside the house. It was like something out of a damn Hallmark Christmas Movie.


A winter without snow in New England isn’t winter at all. Yes, it makes travel difficult. Yes, clearing windshields and walkways is a pain in the ass. But skiing and snowboarding rules. And bundling up for a hike or a snowshoe in the winter woods beats the hell out of sitting inside and complaining about the cold and the snow. And what kid young or old doesn’t love a snow day? Embrace it! Or move to Florida.


Will Massachusetts Have a White Christmas?

In my quest to answer the question, I went right to the source: The Old Famer’s Almanac. As a kid, I was obsessed with the weather. For a time, I even wanted to be a meteorologist. Every year, I used to visit the Colonial Spa in downtown Wakefield and buy that year’s edition. Nerdy, I know. But there’s useful information in there.


For instance, right now they have their annual White Christmas Weather Forecast. And according to the Almanac, the long-range weather forecast for the Northeast calls for snow showers and chilly temperatures December 19-25. And for December 26-31? Flurries and more cold weather.


Traditionally, the Almanac is around 80% correct with their long-term forecasting. So there’s a pretty good chance we’ll get a White Christmas this year. Better throw this one on to get ready.