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Looks like the Wahlbergs may be in a pickle. Sorry, I had to get that pun out of the way early. Boston-based pickle company Grillo’s Pickles has filed a lawsuit against Wahlburgers restaurant over what Grillo’s says is false claims about Wahlburger’s pickles. Grillo’s, which is now sadly owned by some company out in California, says Wahlburger’s pickles aren’t nearly as “fresh” or “natural” as they claim.

Grillo’s, who bases their brand on the freshness and quality of their cukes, has charged that:

Wahlburgers pickles are sold in grocery stores nationwide and marketed as, among other things, “fresh,” “all natural,” and containing “no preservatives.” Unfortunately, none of these claims are true. Far from being “fresh,” “all natural,” and preservative free, Wahlburgers pickles contain considerable amounts of an artificial chemical preservative designed to lengthen the pickles’ shelf life. …

Defendants’ false and misleading statements are the keys which have allowed Wahlburgers pickles to access and compete with Grillo’s in the fresh, artificial-preservative-free pickle market. …

Grillo’s went as far as lab tests on Wahlburger’s pickles noting that the results showed the inclusion of benzoic acid and sodium benzoate, preservatives not disclosed on the label. Rut roh.

I mean I have no problem chomping on a neon green pickle from a questionable jar in my fridge but if you say said pickle is “fresh,” “all natural,” and contains no preservatives but zero of those 3 claims are actually true – we got pickle problems ’cause that ain’t kosher.

Speaking of pickles, I put like 20 on every burger I cook up at home. Sooooo…. let’s segway to the best burgers around. Curious? Read on and have a napkin ready to wipe the drool: