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Chris Young is releasing a new song on Friday (1/13) called “Looking For You,” which he co-wrote about looking for the right person to love. So, who is Chris in love with? No one knows because he keeps his personal life personal and does not divulge who he is dating. He never has in the 17 years he has been charting hits (11 number-one songs) in country music.

Young told us in an interview yesterday (1/11) about keeping his personal life personal and that while he does not kiss and tell, his love life affects his music. He offered, “I would go as far as use opposed (to speaking about it). I don’t talk about my personal life. I keep that separate. Some people do, and some people don’t; I do. I will say that, yeah, there are totally times when a relationship or a situation I’ve been in influences my songs, and I think that’s important because it comes from a place of realism. I can sing it and mean it.”

Chris adds about “Looking For You,” “I’ll just be blunt, I didn’t write this about anybody. That being said, I’ve been in this situation before where I was just like, I’m just gonna be single and then somebody walks in like a friend of a friend and I am just like, ‘Holy crap, who is that’ ‘Who is she?’ That one thousand percent has happened to me before. I remember one specific instance in my brain. It just came from a place where sometimes you’re looking for love and can’t find it, and sometimes you’re like, ‘I give up,’ and it just smacks you in the face like a freight train out of nowhere. I think a lot of people have been through that before where they just see somebody walking even if they weren’t looking; they just find someone that is perfect.”

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